The first official Zug ID registration available on Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum blockchain over a user-centric data and self-sovereign identity uPort is now available to citizens of Zug, Switzerland. Citizens are already using the Zug ID registration on the Ethereum blockchain according to Medium blog, which highlights some steps on how to access the services.

This will be an interesting use-case of the uPort application.

Benefits of using uPort

UPort is commonly known as the “Crypto Valley” for hosting a number of industry startups. It partnered with Zug on the approach of registration of residential IDs on the blockchain to enable access to government e-services such as proof of residency and online voting. Further, Uport and its Swiss partner have been developing the cooperation with ti&m.

The intention of uPort and Zug partnership is to provide a self-sovereign identity system globally. Digital citizenships will help build trust between citizens and governments and provide better digital interactions between governments and citizens.

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How it works

A Zug citizen downloads the uPort app and registers their uPort ID on the Ethereum Blockchain. Since the ID is the public address of uPort proxy smart contract.

The user then signs into Zug ID web portal by scanning a QR code, then enters their personal information including the preexisting Zug ID number. The uPort ID must be verified by a city administrator.

The person then has to visit a Zug office within 14 days with official documents. After verification of the document ownership, an official digital citizenship credential provides by the Zug official to the person’s Uport ID, claiming their active citizenship.

The person can then access the government services.

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