Firefox Upgrades to Ban Crypto Mining Malware

The End of Cryptojacking?

Firefox has announced that it plans on blocking cryptojacking malware in future updates of its browser.

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The Mozilla Foundation announced on August 30 that future versions of its Firefox browser will block crypto-related malware. The move is part of its anti-tracking initiative which was began in 2016.

Firefox revealed that data from a browser extension Ghostery showed that 55.4% of the loading time of a website is used to run 3rd party trackers. Firefox added that future upgrades of its browser will block cryptojacking malware that secretly mine coins with users’ phone power. The upgrade will allow users to specify the amount of data websites can access.

The anti-tracking initiative that was implemented by Firefox in 2016 was introduced to secure users privacy through data encryption. Some of the announced features of future versions of Firefox are presently available on the Firefox Nightly beta version.

Mozilla vice president of product Nick Nguyen stated that it has become very common for websites to secretly collect user’s information. He added that future versions of Firefox will block third-party scripts (which includes cryptojacking scripts) from degrading the user experience.

The End of Cryptojacking?

This move adds Firefox to the growing list of browsers and OS that has identified cryptojacking and are working on blocking it. Opera announced last December that it will be implementing anti-crypto mining ad-blocker on the desktop version of its browser. Opera went on to include the feature in its mobile browser in January.

Apple had announced the ban on apps that had crypto mining functionalities in June. The tech giant stated that it banned these crypto mining apps because they overly strain devices resources and battery life.

Later in July, Google announced the ban on crypto mining apps on the play store. The announcement notes that these apps were given 30 days to remove functions from their apps. However, 30 days after the announcement, apps with crypto mining functionalities can still be found on Play Store

Coinpedia had reported earlier this week that a new Google Chrome extension Uppward has been launched to flag suspicious crypto phishing sites.

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