Fintech startup launches physical Bitcoin products

Bitcoin is going into mainstream in a rapidly growing crypto economy. Canada-based Fintech Select Ltd last month launched a physical representation of Bitcoin and SelectCoin cards.

Selectcoin cryptocurrency is a blockchain based POS platform. It allows users to buy Bitcoins from retail locations. Moreover, the company provides pre-paid programs, cryptocurrency technologies, and mobile banking solutions.

The launch came after launch of Bitcoin futures that are already list in many exchanges in the traditional markets today. Many are also pushing for Bitcoin-ETFs that could make Bitcoin more accessible to newbies.

The two were getting and load with fractional Bitcoins and Ether through the Point of Sale solution on December 21.

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However, the firm behind this product believes that it will grab the attention at larger audience.

Mohammad Abuleil, CEO and President of Fintech Select said,

“The demand and response from those in attendance was a positive sign that our solution will play a critical role within the Cryptocurrency sector. Our POS solution creates a simple way for consumers to buy Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies. Thus, we are pleasing with the results and intend to gradually update the market on all new locations”.

The company said it would solidify operations by partnering with strategic partners to provide more competitive exchange rates and liquidity across all the Selectcoin retail locations.

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