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Feminine Energy makes it to the Crypto-World

CoinMarketCap, one of the largest crypto market data providers which are owned by Binance recently came up with their new analysis about ‘Women in the Crypto-market’. 

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They used Google Analytics, a renowned analytics tool for analyzing and understanding data. A report says that a straight-up 43.24% increase in the growth of female users was seen in the crypto-market from late 2019 to the early 2020s. 

Who said the crypto-world is a man dominated world? According to statistics, Europe and America are leading whereas Africa is seen contributing the least.

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Women may lead the market in the coming years

Looking at the precise areas from where the growth originates, the coinmarketcap report summarises that we saw a 50% growth in crypto female users in both the regions of the USA and Europe. 

Europe witnessed the most growth with Greece leading the pack with a 163.67% growth, followed by Romania (145.09%), Portugal (89.95%), Ukraine (86.68%), Czechia (85.6%).

Coinmarketcap reported that more growth was seen between women of age 18-24-year-old, most of them belonging to oceanic countries while few were from Asia. Latin America also witnessed a growth with Argentina leading with 98.23% of growth, Colombia, and Venezuela with 82.03% and 80.23% of growth respectively.

Indonesia was the only country in Asia which reported a growth of over 88.92%. Meanwhile, there was a drastic drop in female crypto users in china. This happened after the rise of the coronavirus pandemic in China and their suppression of online citizen reports regarding the pandemic which affected the access to internet services in the country.

Well, anyhow we see it as a bright side in the crypto-market. Moreover, reports say that the percentage might increase by Q4 2020. This world is definitely becoming a better place for women. Here’s to women empowerment!

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