Federal Judge Orders Hacker to Pay Bail in Cryptocurrency

A United States federal judge has ordered ruling over a case of an alleged hacker has ordered him to pay $750,000 in cryptocurrency to secure bail.

Online Game Hacker to Pay for Bail in Crypto

US Federal Judge Jacqueline Corley ordered an alleged hacker to pay for his bail in cryptocurrency. The charges filed on the hacker included illegally accessing computer network of a company, Electronic Arts. The US Department of Justice gave the announcement of the bail term last week.

The said hacker was charged with hacking servers belonging to Electronic Arts a video game company. The charges included obtaining in-game currency used to purchase in-game items and selling access to paid online games in the black market.

The hacker identified as Martin Marsich, a 25-year-old Serbian and Italian dual citizen last lived in Udine, Italy before his Arrest. He was arrested at San Francisco International Airport on August 8 while boarding a flight to Serbia. Mr. Marsich was paraded at a federal court in San Francisco the following day for the hearing of his case.

“Magistrate Judge Corley ordered Marsich released to a halfway house on the condition that he post the equivalent of $750,000 in cryptocurrency for bail.” Department of Justice Explained

In late last year, Judge Corley appeared several times on the news in a case involving the U.S Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Coinbase. Miss. Corley ruled against the cryptocurrency exchange coinbase. In her ruling, she ordered coinbase to turn over information of every crypto transactions within 2013-2015 to the revenue service.

Why did he have to pay his Bill in Cryptocurrency?

Judge Corley demand that Mr. Marchich pays for his bail in cryptocurrency caught everybody by surprise. San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe revealed that he had never heard anyone bailing out of jail with cryptocurrency in any courtroom. He, however, noted that cryptocurrencies are now acceptable in federal court.

The Department of Justice could not specify why cryptocurrency was preferred for the bail, U.S assistant District Attorney Abraham Simmons revealed that Judges could order many kinds of bail, including real estate owned by another person. He continued saying that the Judge could order just about anything.

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