Famous Investor reckons Bitcoin Investment Trust is overpriced

In two years, Bitcoin Investment Trust is upward by 1600%. The first public trade relating bitcoin investment vehicle.

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Currently, the trust has reached market value of $1.8billion dollars. Accordingly, it is causing few high profile investors to raise the alarm bell.

Andrew Left, controversial investor who is well known for forecasting when shares in overestimates companies, says this valuation is “completely ridiculous” and is warning against the structure of the fund though not essentially Bitcoin itself.

Grayscale Investment is running the trust, that focuses significantly on digital currencies. It is designs to track the price of Bitcoin. Around, $820 million is the actual book of the investment. It is based on the price of Bitcoin past $4700 and fund holding 174,174 Bitcoins. Therefore, a situation where the market value of the fund is double that of the underlying asset.

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The major attractions is able to trade the Bitcoin price, without going through hassle of actual buying it directly.

Left points out,

“[Grayscale doesn’t] even have insurance for the Bitcoin that they are custodians of”.

The bitcoin Investment Trust sis towards upward by 726% on the back of Bitcoin’s record breaking price increase. The price of Bitcoin upsurges by 400% in comparison. The high premium would be hectic for new investors.

The fund is the first thing that play a major role in its magnified appraisal. Therefore, the cryptocurrency market is developing speedily. Similarly, it will put a lot of descendant pressure on the appraisal of the Bitcoin Investment Trust.

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