Facebook Is Recruiting Blockchain Staff Again

Facebook is hiring new set of staff for its blockchain team after setting up an in-house blockchain startup earlier this year

Author: Akeredolu Feranmi

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Akeredolu is a guest author at coinpedia. He explores and writes about crypto coins, the latest updates, and more.

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Facebook Inc. is expanding its team in the blockchain game. The world’s biggest social media network has listed key job opening for its blockchain team, including opportunities for data engineers and scientists.

Creating a Blockchain startup

Rumors about what Facebook will do in blockchain has been rife since the beginning of the year. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in his 2018 mission statement that he’s interested in the technology because of how it decentralizes power.

On May 8, Head of Facebook Messenger David Marcus said he was changing jobs so he could set up a “small group to explore how to best leverage Blockchain across Facebook, starting from scratch.”

Since then Facebook hasn’t come out publicly to clarify the direction it’s taking with blockchain or even whether it’s focused on virtual currencies. However, based on speculations and recent job listings, it could be considering a new financial services platform for the social networking site. Some have speculated that it could be a Facebook identity system, personal data, or a Facebook stablecoin.

Facebook Is Recruiting Blockchain Staff

The new roles Facebook is trying to fill include Data Scientist, Blockchain; Data Engineer, Blockchain; Software Engineer, Blockchain; and Product Marketing Lead.

A few months ago, the technology company was looking for a “head of business development & partnerships” for blockchain. The qualifications included at least 15 years of dealmaking experience. A person who can “lead, grow and mentor a global team of experienced business development professionals.”

Along with this role, it lists five other positions: public policy manager, software engineering manager in Israel. Moreover, one was for a media director and two jobs in marketing. Anthony Pompliano is a founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital and a famous cryptocurrency evangelist. He Twitter, responding to the news, states that Facebook would eventually build the “most used product in crypto.”

Blockchain Talents in-demand

Demand has been off the charts for blockchain talent. Blockchain-related jobs are the second-fastest growing in the United States labor market. And as Nick Szabo, the developer who coins “smart contracts,” points out, there is an extreme “$/knowledge” ratio in the blockchain space, where capital by far outpaces talent.

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Akeredolu Feranmi

Akeredolu is a guest author at coinpedia. He explores and writes about crypto coins, the latest updates, and more.

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