Coinbase Pro Ready to Launch BAT (Basic Attention Token) Feature

Coinbase Pro secure your transaction by making your trade easier. Recently, the company upgraded its features to offer more trading security and easy transfer.

Coinbase Pro is a platform that allows you to make your cryptocurrencies trade easier and safer throughout your transactions. Recently, Coinbase Pro has upgraded its features that ensure more security in trade and making transfers easier.

Launching Of BAT Coinbase Pro

On 2nd November 2018, Coinbase Pro launched a feature that would allow transfer of the customer’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) to the Coinbase Pro account. On the launching date, the trading would remain on transfer-only mode for at least 12 hours to give room for liquidity then trading would begin.

The whole process would be in four stages to ensure proper functioning of the feature and allow impact in the customers’ use. These would be the stages designed to see BAT through fruition in many states except New York City. Although they would also monitor the trading and if it does not create a healthy market, they would retain the order book in one state for an extended time to allow a friendly and profitable market.

1. Transfer Only

In this stage, customers would transfer their BAT into the Coinbase Pro account but no trading would occur in the order book. That would remain in the transfer-only mode for at least 12 hours.

2. Post Only

After the transfer, customers would be allowed to post limit orders, however, no matches would occur for at least one minute. The status would remain post-only mode. This would provide a healthy market environment during the launch.

3. Limit Only

The process would stall here for at least ten minutes, limit-only mode. The matches on the limit orders would be done at this point but there would be no release of the market orders.

4. Full-Trade

The customers would now go to a full-fledged trade at this stage. The trading service here would include limit, market and stopping the orders.

Coinbase Pro has moved a notch higher with the new listings process that would allow massive trade on extended assets on the platform. Traders are now at full disposal to make deposits and place orders on a user-friendly platform. This has occurred after recently launching address book that would help the customers to track the most used crypto addresses.

They also launched the crypto Address Whitelisting that would provide restrictions on transfers to addresses in your address books. These great moves give a stimulus to the trading in the platform and add more credibility and confidence to the customers.

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