Everyone will own Bitcoin in Their Portfolio at the end Says Pomp


American investor and Morgan Creek Digital Assets co-founder Anthony Pompliano appeared on CNBC on August 20th.


According to him, there is a lot of infrastructure making Bitcoin. Basically, to come out as a long haul asset in the global economy.

During the course of interview, Kernen the host at CNBC asked Pomp whether he believed that Bakkt. Onreceiving approval from regulators to launch its physically-delivered Bitcoin futures contracts would lead to greater institutional adoption of Bitcoin.

Pomp replied saying :

“Yeah, I definitely do. Every single week, we’re seeing more and more infrastructure built around Bitcoin and the crypto markets in general, whether it’s infrastructure around hash rate and mining supporting and securing the network, whether it’s Bakkt with physically-settled futures, the more infrastructure that’s built around this, the more likely it is to never go away. I think we’re at a tipping now where Bitcoin is here to stay, and it’s going to end up being in every institutional investor’s portfolio at some point in the future.”

Pomp also spoke about potential headwinds for Bitcoin reaching a much higher by the next halving event in May 2020. According to Pomp there are many factors that will push BTC to new peak. He says that, institutional investors are warming up to the asset and in the future they will have a Bitcoin in their portfolios. Moreover, Bitcoin is still unknown to many people around the world who will continue to gain awareness.

Pomp highlighted the growing legitimization of the crypto space, inflows of institutional capital, record trading volumes, and a climate of global instability. This promotes the recognition of Bitcoin as a safe haven asset.

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