Europe’s Gibraltar Exchange offers trading only to Institutional Investors

Good news to all institutional investors – a new cryptocurrency exchange is launching in Europe that will entertain only selected number of institutional participants on its platform.

The new platform, Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange(GBX) is comprising of 300 retail account holders. It is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) which intends to stand as the first ever licensed digital asset exchanges run by an EU regulated stock exchange. However, the plan of launching GBX began from December last year by the Gibraltar Parliament. This proposed plan was voted unanimously to pass bill which intends to regulate cryptocurrency effectively. Moreover, the bill meant to amend the Financial Service Act to legalize decentralized economy.

Why only Selected Clients can Access GBX?

The limited service of GBX is accessible only to 300 retail account holders. With the soft launch in Europe, there are 10 companies to sponsor on its trading platform including Blockchain Worx. Every new participant of GBX will trade here and provide feedback accordingly. By preceding this initiation, it aims at making Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange a finest user friendly platform.

In this regard, Nick Cowan who is a present chief executive officer at GBX notes;

“This is a significant step in our journey to becoming a leading digital asset exchange and token sale platform,”
Moreover he statedthat “The soft launch of the platform will mean that we can continue as effectively as possible toward providing an institutional-grade token sales springboard for utility tokens and top-quality digital asset exchange for the global blockchain and trading communities,”

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