What Is Etisalat Planning With AI And Blockchain Solutions?

UAE operating telecom company, Etisalat signs an agreement with the top four firms for establishing artificial intelligence and Blockchain solutions.

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    This collaborating ceremony now marks as the start of Future Now, together scaling up the innovative programme. According to the WAM agency report, the digital partners that will work on technology for Etisalat are:

    1. Yitu Technology from China
    2. Com IoT Technologies from UAE
    3. 300cubits from Hong Kong
    4. Tradefin from the United States

    Etisalat Digital, being the fifth group of Dubai Future Accelerators, announces three challenges back in July to the firms all over the space. It selects 2 firms for the 1st challenge- Yitu Technology as well as Com IoT Technologies. The first challenge is leveraging AI regarding video surveillance systems, creating solutions to minimize the crime rates along with road congestion.

    Three Challenges For The Selected Companies

    There are various targets that the company sets for this challenge. Moreover, it aims to deliver solutions having the analysis capability of behavior. It should be able to predict crime patterns as a whole. Additionally, the challenge specifies them to improve transportation issues such as congestion, accidents, applying automating decisions using AI with ongoing video surveillance systems.

    The next challenge presents the use of Blockchain for minimizing transactional costs and also difficulty within business processes. This is mainly for governments, banks, and private organizations. They have a motto to reduce the expenses and complexity at least by 40 percent in these 5 years. So, 300cubits are basically for this challenge section.

    Tradefin firm is selected for the next i.e. the last challenge focusing on Blockchain adoption. This section will let exchanges over several loyalty currencies convert a loyalty currency into digital currency. Mainly this can help with online and physical transactions.

    According to a news report, this partnership is said to fast-track the deployment relating these latest emerging technologies. Moreover, this agreement also avail them to the entire client base at Etisalat.

    This innovative scale-up programme seems as a key pillar to the “Future Now ecosystem”. They are focusing to offer a successful compilation platform for partners, innovators, and client to expedite cutting-edge technologies adoption.

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