Ethereum yellow paper is now updated

Ethereum Yellow Paper, which is a reference paper for Ethereum developers when coding for the platform, has been updated. It is the formal definition of the Ethereum protocol.

This comes after over a year when it was last updated. Many developers have been relying on “community consensus” to ensure that things are functioning correctly. This is according to a lead developer Nick Johnson speaking in an Ethereum Core Devs Meeting last year.  

The paper is expected to act as a more accurate, cross-client reference point even when mitigating bugs that emerge in software upgrade such as hard forks.

Where to find Ethereum Yellow Paper

The Yellow Paper, however, does not address upcoming changes. Those are to be found in the Ethereum improvement proposals.

The paper has been criticized for being mainly expressed in mathematical notations that is hard for the layman to understand. This makes it hard for newcomers in the industry. Some say it limits the number of people who can participate in Ethereum development. The current update does not improve on that.

Some have been seeing the Yellow Paper as part of a source of some of the network problems.

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