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Ethereum up by 22% From Previous Day’s Lows, Will It Form New ATH?


    Ethereum price had slipped below $1000 but sustained successfully above $900.

    The price has raised above the support levels and expected to break the resistance levels at $1150 and head towards ATH.

    Currently ETH price is trying hard to flip the key resistance area, if successful, the price may touch $1300

ETH Possessing less Volatility

The Ethereum bullish trend experienced a major correction by dipping nearly 32% to revisit the levels below $1000. But in the early hours of trading, the ETH price rebounded very well with nearly 27% growth.


One of the technical analysts, Kong, Ethereum currently is trying to flip the previous key resistance area. A successful filp will rally the price back to $1280 and an unsuccessful one will drag the price close to $1050.

The trading volume increased immensely giving a great boost to the ethereum price which rallied above $1000. As per analysts, George, Ethereum may outperform all the other assets in the coming days, while BTC price may range sideways.

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Ethereum Price Analysis


Ethereum price was heading strongly towards the ATH and the crypto space expected the asset to form new highs very soon. But suddenly, the ETH price experienced a drastic drain dipping out nearly 32% of the price in less than 24 hours.

It was considered as a small correction phase which was successfully completed with a huge boost to the price which rallied more than 26% in the early hours of trading. Currently, it is mandatory for the ETH price to break the resistance level $1150 to rally further to test the resistance levels at $1346. 

Once these resistance levels are broken the target would be to form new highs above $1432. However, the strong support levels are formed at $1038 and in case the price breaks down this level, the price may even slip below $1000 to touch the support levels at $970.

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