Will Ethereum Surpass Bitcoin In The Next Booming Market?

A research firm Delphi Digital report takes an in-depth look at Ethereum. One view is the ether coin’s future to outperform Bitcoin if the next market race happens soon.

Beta Analysis

The analysis is based on Ether higher volatility compared to Bitcoin and the drift for all cryptocurrencies to move in unison. The beta measurement of a cryptocurrency is linked to volatility, and for the last six months, ether’s has been greater.

The report further says :

ETH has been significantly more volatile than BTC over the last 6 months. It’s 90-day beta comparable to BTC is currently 1.5, substantially higher than its historical average.

Crypto Associations

In general, altcoins like Ethereum follow Bitcoin’s price movements — and recently this has been rising.

Historically, there have been instances of coins which have resisted this trend but these are exceptions rather than the rule. If anything, altcoins tend to fall further in bear markets but can rise faster in advance markets.

From the last eighteen months, Ethereum price has downside volatility compared to Bitcoin. However, the report suggests that this could be changing.

When Does The Market Change?

Whether we see Ethereum exceed Bitcoin in the short term is a common guess. Now, that the hard fork is complete, we may actually start to see its volatility decrease a little.

We have certainly seen ether mirroring the rest of the altcoin market over the past few days with impressive gains, although not nearly as impressive as Litecoin’s. Whether that turns into a complete bull market remains to be seen.

Similarly like other predictions, we just won’t know until it happens. Luckily, this one already comes with its own theory — so to be wrong is very hard.

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Ethereum May Surpass Bitcoin In The Near Future
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Ethereum May Surpass Bitcoin In The Near Future
Ethereum is expected to surpass Bitcoin in the upcoming market. Get complete coverage on the report by Delphi Digital. Stay tune for latest Ethereum News.
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