Ethereum Price Coiling up, Is It a Better Investment Than Traditional Assets Like Gold?


    Ethereum price despite multiple rejections at $1800, yet manages to bounce back firmly

    The asset has provided with the maximum yearly returns, even more than Bitcoin or gold

    ETH can be considered as an investment tool in the modern world

Ethereum Price Rally to Hit 5-Figures This Year!

 The Ethereum price in recent times has sustained multiple rejections at $1800. Moreover, it had maintained strongly above the levels for a quite long time, also hit the highest levels at $1871 a couple of days before. However, the price experienced a slight pullback, yet poised to hit $2000 marks very soon.


Currently, ETH price is again testing the resistance levels at $1800 and attempting very hard to transcend the levels. The strong resistance levels are around $1824, and sustaining these levels are pretty important for a continued bull run.

Nevertheless, the ETH price is expected to hit $2000 very soon, and rally to attain a 5-figure level before the end of 2021 as predicted by an analyst, The Wolf of All Streets.

Moreover, according to another analyst, DOGE To $1, ETH price is all set to break $4000 levels within a month. As the price is expected to surge to the higher levels, is not investing in Ethereum a good deal than any other traditional asset like Gold?

Ethereum, The Best Investment Option in the modern world

Can you just imagine, Etherum price was around $100, a year back in March 2020? Yes, ETH has risen above the levels gaining more than 500% since then. No doubt the journey from these levels to the highest levels above $1800 included multiple pumps and dumps, the asset remained self-assured to clinch the upper levels. 

On the other hand, Gold which is one of the most preferred assets to invest in registered less than 20% ROI in the past year. Currently, ETH price is very close to outperforming the Gold price per ounce yet again, it can be considered as a better investment option in the modern world.

Consider you investing $100 in ETH and Gold back in March 2020. You would have owned just a part of gold but a whole ethereum. And currently, the value of your investment would have grown like a monster as gold price were around $1500 to $1600 at that time.

No doubt, the gold price is not much volatile compared to that of Ethereum or Bitcoin, Ethereum price has manifested a sense of stability eliminating steep surges and plunges. Therefore one can surely think of Ethereum as means of investment that is expected to surge above $10,000 by the end of 2021.

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