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Ethereum Price holds Strong amid BTC plunge, Will it hit the ATH this Weekend?

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    Story Highlights
    • Bitcoin price yet again dumps again following a slight push to levels above $37,000

    • Yet Ethereum price without being impacted by either the bullish trend or the bearish divergence, showcases a sense of stability

    • Moreover many expect, the ETH price will form a new ATH very soon, may be in the weekend

    Etheruem Price Above $1000 for the 26th Consecutive Day!

    The ethereum price compared to the other crypto assets, Like Bitcoin or Defi tokens like YFI price which jumps enormously, maintains a peaceful rally. Unlike previously, when the ETH price chart followed the Bitcoin price chart, in the current scenario, it appears that the asset is on the verge to set its own trend.

    The crypto space has witnessed pretty good pumps in recent weekends. Therefore, a similar pump may be expected in the current weekend also. The current market sentiments are very seething and hence a small uptrend may lead to a major FOMO.

    In totality, the Ethereum price which maintained a stable movement, DeFi surge being a reason, is expected to hit $1500 this weekend.

    Yet another reason being bullish on the Ethereum price is the stability of the price maintaining above $1000 nearly for a month. 

    Eth trading view

    With the bullish divergence on the cards, ETH price is expected to surge to new highs, and as predicted by many, it may even form new ATH in the coming couple of days.

    Will ETH Price Touch $3K in the Coming Month?

    The ETH price after experiencing a deep slash which dragged the price close to $1000, bounced back well, and successfully maintained above $1250 levels. However, since the past couple of days, the price is trending above $1300 effortlessly.

    At the time of writing the article, the ETH price is $1331 with a jump of nearly 2.26% in the past 24 hours. However, despite plunging to some extent in the past week, the average price movement remained bullish with a jump of 6.82%.

    Amid the uptrend, many believe, ETH price may skyrocket from the current levels and touch the highest possible levels soon. According to the analysts, DOGE to $1, the price is heading towards $3000 in less than a month.

    Overall, the Ethereum price rally appears to be diverted from the bitcoin price rally, as the world’s second crypto showcases its own trend. With the bullish divergence round the clock, ETH price is expected to form a new ATH this weekend. Therefore, cot only this weekend, the entire year of 2021 is expected to the year of Ethereum, as some of the analysts anticipate the price may even hit $10000 in long term.

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