Domain Name Ethereum(.)com for sale about $10 million

Recently, the domain name is listed for sale on a marketplace namely Uniregistry Market. Thus, it is Ethereum(.)com for sale about $10 million.

According to Domain Name Journal, peddled for $2million in October. Since it was the highest price for crypto labels. Particularly, the two leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether are in more reference to many sites that could be registered below $10 million.

Domain Name Journal’s editor and publisher, Ron Jackson said,

“The unfettered euphoria I see around bitcoin/cryptocurrency/blockchain reminds me a lot of the atmosphere I saw in the period preceding the dot-com bust around 2001. However, dotcoms comes back and have bigger years than ever in the 2000s, so even a bursting bubble isn’t necessarily a final death knell for a an asset”.

Niko Younts, domain investor says he’s putting his biggest claims for a portfolio of crypto domain names. Thus, it is on collective based up to $2 million sale. However, including the portfolio consists about 1200 names.

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Moreover, domain names are often in use for generating leads or marketing for another site. The peddles for $250000 by Younts to Coinbase Inc. in 2014. Thus, he mentions it is used for sending new users to its cryptocurrency wallet and exchange. Therefore, others purchased domain names to run businesses like wallets and crypto newsletter.

According to GoDaddy Inc., this year, the domain names holding bitcoins have four times more registration. Similarly, the domain names on Ethereum have five times registrations.

The study of statistics says that the sale of crypto domain name range $1000. traded $125,000 in April, while sold for $50,536 in August. Thus, in March, sold for $28000 and sold for $48888 in July.

Ammar Kubba, Domain name investor said he paid $800 for and now it is 3times more worth of that amount.

Kubba says,

“Right now, crypto is probably the biggest trend in a domain. Crypto and marijuana. Those two segments of domain names have been growing in value much faster than other names”.

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