Ethereum Classic Labs Partners with Nasdaq and Lehigh University

Ethereum Classic Labs announced to establish a partnership with the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center and Lehigh University. This collaboration is to drive technological innovation and to train emerging innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Through the Start-Up Academy at the Lehigh, ETC Labs extends its mission to be at the forefront of the development. And also the adoption of distributed technologies and to collaborate with leading institutions from around the globe.

Sam Dewalt, Managing Director of Lehigh said : 

“We’re grateful for the partnership with ETC Labs. Also, Partnerships like this help drive forward our mission and impact in developing entrepreneurial talent for students and the startup community.”

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is a destination for the next generation of risk-takers and idea makers. Moreover, the main objective is to deliver excellent resources to enable every entrepreneur across the globe to realize their maximum potential.

ETC Labs to Introduce Studio Program to Support ETC Projects

As per the blog post, the ETC Labs Studio will support companies that seek technical and marketing expertise for new projects and crowdsales.

This program aims to share technical expertise to promote building and implementation of decentralized applications and crowd sales. Additionally, it also provides guidance on project launch and marketing tools for businesses that want to build on ETC blockchain.

According to the post, the ETC Labs Studio program is already available for blockchain and crypto-related companies to enroll in.

CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs, Terry Culver, said:

Studio will bring together the expertise of dedicated developers from their Core group alongside with funding and mentorship programs from Accelerate group to continue to mature the whole Ethereum Classic ecosystem.

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