Vitalik Buterin Ready to Part Ways with Ethereum

In a recent string of tweets, it's become clear Vitalik is already preparing to renounce his project, Ethereum.

Renouncing his Birth Child “Ethereum”

A twitter user Raz asks Vitalik if he would ever consider parting ways with Ethereum. Vitalik replies, Already in progress, even most of the research is being done by Danny Ryan, Justin Drake, Hsiao-Wei Wang, and others.

He further confirms Ethereum can definitely survive without him. Moreover, there is a strong team behind Ethereum, that will drive the network forward.

Changes with Ethereum 

Vitalik’s decision to leave the project follows the company is planning to launch a new update, Constantinople. This update aims to upgrade network speeds and increase data storing efficiency. However, this update delays due to some security issues which is yet to get a fix.

Vitalik clarifies his decision saying, he is detaching from needing to participate and has no plans to disappear soon. Many have already compared Vitalik Buterin to Elon Musk or Steve Jobs due to his inseparable connection as the leading figure to Ethereum or Ethereum community.

However, this has turned more heads wondering what would Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin and the Head of Ethereum Foundation would do after detaching from Ethereum.

Ethereum is an open source blockchain platform famous for its transaction speeds. It supports smart contracts and is two-layer infrastructure design. Ethereum was launched via an ICO held in between July and August 2014, when Ethereum was but a theory and nothing close to a product. Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin at the time quoted,

I thought [those in the Bitcoin community] weren’t approaching the problem in the right way. I thought they were going after individual applications; they were trying to kind of explicitly support each [use case] in a sort of Swiss Army knife protocol.

We didn’t receive any details of Vitalik’s decision it is safe to assume this was a well-thought decision. All we can do now is wait for the update and see how Ethereum fares without Vitalik.

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