Game Changer for DeFi Newbies, ETHA Lend Announces Mainnet Launch on Polygon!


With $54.46 billion locked in DeFi, the sector seems to be growing incrementally. Functionalities like staking, yield farming, lending-borrowing were the key drivers for the initial meteoric boom of DeFi. However, as space boomed and protocol iteration accelerated, the complexity of these existing solutions, including congestion, high transaction costs, and an overwhelming lack of interoperability jeopardized users’ earnings. Thus, we need a project that restores the market’s prospect and introduces economic sustainability.

Enters – ETHA Lend, a yield optimizer that removes the complexities in the current DeFi market to provide algorithmically optimal yields. The protocol has announced the launch of its Mainnet on July 15th, 2021, on the Polygon network.

There is a lot to draw from the above paragraph. First, yield optimization is the process of using data analysis and optimization strategies to maximize the performance of user’s assets, thus generating high and sustainable yields.

ETHA Lend’s discovery algorithm, which also forms the key hallmark of the protocol, is at the top of its game. This discovery algorithm can calculate asset allocation for asset supply up to 1,000,000 USDT in under a second. ETHA Lend’s algorithm is 700 times faster and more efficient than that of existing solutions.

What makes the Mainnet launch on July 15th even more exciting?

To begin with, ETHA Lend is a community-based project with a highly incentivized and enthusiastic user base. This is one of the more underrated reasons behind the protocol being way ahead in the game.  

In addition, the protocol represents a holistic ecosystem consisting of several hybrid DeFi yield optimization features:

The ETHA Smart wallet will quickly steal your attention with its remarkable transaction batching feature that chains several transactions with multiple different assets into one transaction. So, with this wallet, instead of paying the gas fees for various separate transactions, you just pay for one. In the longer run, this feature can play an instrumental part in helping users save a significant amount of gas fees.

The protocol will launch two Vaults, called eVaults, with the Mainnet- QuickSwap and Curve. Both these vaults offer impermanent loss features. But the protocol’s hybrid vault strategy takes things up another notch. According to this strategy, deposits into the eVaults are made in stable coins such as DAI, USDT, USDC, while the returns are generated in volatile assets such as BTC, ETH, and ETHA (the protocol’s native token). This mechanism brings relief to those users who aren’t interested in their assets being exposed to extreme market volatility.

The Mainnet will also host a lending market designed to provide lenders with a much more stable and predictable environment. The protocol employs users’ data and algorithms to reach the best opportunities for higher returns. This lending mechanism reduces the effect of short-spanned market volatility on the output of the discovery algorithm. The strategy enables ETHA Lend to procure more stable lending conditions when compared to top competitors like AAVE.

The future of DeFi yield optimization is here!

ETHA Lend’s Mainnet launch on July 15th will mark the emergence of a new future in DeFi in general. The team behind the protocol is incredibly passionate about making DeFi yield much more accessible, even those opportunities that were previously only possible for crypto elites. The protocol has demonstrated a solid dedication to crafting a product model that addresses the concerns of users and forming an extremely sustainable community built on trust and true potential. To learn more about ETHA Lend and explore the upcoming feature, head on over to Follow Twitter- @ethalend or join their community on Telegram to stay up to date for future releases.

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