ETH and BTC Price Eyes Huge Move, ERD Joins the Trend

Written by: Dare Shonubi

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Jul 27, 2020


Elrond is currently riding an intense bull market, leading on with around 50% gain on our 24-hour top gainer’s list. Amid this impressive alt season experience, Bitcoin woke to new dawn just before the end of last week.

First breaking the $10,000 level, the top cryptocurrency has now gained about 7% in the last 24 hours, diving towards $10,250.

Ethereum on the other hand is seen to mirror the effect also with around 7% within the same time frame. Ethereum has now conveniently settled above $300 as more upside is expected.

Below is the list of the crypto markets top performers of the last 24 hours. Some more than others, all featured cryptocurrencies sure left investors with loads of surprises and expectations.

#1. Elrond (ERD 48.9% Gain):

Elrond comes first on today’s list with a whopping 48.9% gain in the last 24 hours. 

ETH and BTC Price Eyes

The coin’s market opinion is completely bullish with 97% of market respondents nominating for a bullish stretch into the ripe of the trading day. 

The price history of Elrond within the last one year looks impressive. Since last year till date, ERD has gained 286% and about 217% since last month. 91% in the last two weeks and 1.0% in the last hour. 

ERD is currently trading at $0.027 amid a 24-hour market capitalization of $358 million. Within several exchanges, more than $163 million ERD was exchanged in the last 24 hours. 

#2. Ethereum (ETH 6.83% Gain):

Although Ethereum has been a bit quiet pursuing the newest alt season model that has caught the markets with considerable enthusiasm, Eth is seen to have been gearing up lately.

Ethereum (ETH 6.83% Gain)

In the last 24 hours, receiving roughly 7% against its USD trading pair, the prominent cryptocurrency has rippled near the $250 junction. And more upside appears to be anticipated by traders.

Market beliefs seem extremely bullish as 96% of market respondents continue to be confident about Ethereum.

As of present, Ethereum is trading at $322 per unit of the coin with a market cap of $29 billion. Exchange volume has also risen within the same timeframe, this is valued around $7.3 billion.

#3. Bitcoin (BTC 5.7% Gain):

Bitcoin is the third coin on the list of top gainers today. Although the cryptocurrency, according to CoinMarket Cap remains the top crypto by market capitalization, its gains since yesterday is less when compared to contemporaries.

Bitcoin (BTC 5.7% Gain)

Bitcoin’s market sentiments remains highly bullish with around 87% interested in further gains as the trading day matures.

Bitcoin has been able to balance up losses accrued since the last day. At the moment, BTC is up 3.8% in the 1-year timeline and also gained 11% within the last week.

The coin is currently changing hands at $10,222 amid a $188 billion market cap.

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Dare Shonubi

Certified cryptocurrency expert and Blockchain journalist covering crypto market analysis and general Blockchain adoption and development.

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