ETC Is All Set To Launch a Betting Platform For Gamers and Streamers – Slips

ETC Labs, After successfully hosting the first cohort at its San Francisco office starting January 14, 2019. Now, The firm is bringing a much-needed focus on growing the ETC community.

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The company is launching an amazing social betting platform for gamers and streamers – Slips.

According to Slips is a platform where you can challenge your friends and other gamers while watching your favorite stream. You can place bets with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, there is no native token for Slips, Thus, challenges are placed via Ethereum Classic and players can bet on custom and complex challenges using a simple interface.

At present, the platform allows you to embed existing streams from services like Twitch.  And ETC is introducing a browser plugin with tools that streamers use very frequently, such as StreamLabs OBS. This lets users to watch, chat and challenge others from the communities and platforms they already use.

Further, if a challenge is discussed by any participants before settled, moderators can be requested. However, the moderators engaging in the challenge depend on the fees the participants are willing to pay. An open blockchain based reputation system provides users to rate moderators for their moderation work.

Ethereum Classic Labs states.

For streamers, our platform is a game changer. Streamers that don’t have huge sponsorship deals rely on donations and tips, so we’re giving them a whole new way to make money: challenge your audience!

Overall, by providing a completely new way to earn money and challenge your audience. ETC claims to provide a better experience for gamers and streamers. 

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