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EOS Surpasses Litecoin To Appear On The Fourth Position

It is after weeks of back and forth EOS surpassed its competitor coins and confirmed its position among the top 4 cryptocurrencies in global market.

On February 12 EOS pushed its competitor coins to appear among top 4 cryptocurrencies in global market. This recent price bump pushed EOS up by 7% over the past 24 hours. Hence, resulting in coin breaking into four of coin market and accompanying the likes of Bitcoin[BTC], Ethereum[ETH] and XRP.

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The cryptocurrency Litecoin has seen a 30% increase on Feb 8. This coin makes way for the bullish EOS, as the market cap of Litecoin is trailing EOS by $40 million in this race. Along with EOS and Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash also held the 4th position for a long time and is now on the sixth position after Litecoin.

No doubt, EOS has truly made up its January slump which saw the coins price getting slashed from $2.95 to $2.25 which is a 23.72% price decline within a span of 4 days between Jan 10 and Jan 14. During this bearish period, this coin’s market cap fell from $2,67 billion to $2 billion resulting in the coin closing the month off with a market cap of $2.103 billion. Also, by the end of January, EOS was neck-to-neck with Bitcoin Cash in terms of market capitalization.

But February was a good kick start for EOS as the coin’s price was consistently rising by 18.37% from $2.34 to $2.77 with the market cap crossing above the $2.4 billion mark. On February 12, there was a massive increase in price upto 7 % against US dollar. Hence pushing the coin to $2.95 from $2.78 a few hours earlier. This collective increase saw EOS overtake Litecoin only 6 days after the coin overtook 3 coins in succession to take the fourth spot.

Litecoin Trading

Litecoin’s increase against US dollar is nowhere when compared to EOS. LTC price has shot up by 0.63% and the coin is currently priced at $43.68 with a market cap of $2.64 billion.

Bitcoin Cash Trading

Bitcoin Cash is now trading on the sixth position on the global coin ladder. On Feb 8 Bitcoin Cash fell out of fourth position after EOS and Litecoin went through double-digit surges. During the press time the BCH rise against the US dollar by 2.25%, pricing at $123.09 being the third highest gainer in top-10 after EOS and Litecoin.

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