EOS’s Block Producers Shows Green Signals – Voted “Go” to Take the Mainnet Live

The common decision amongst voters have confirmed the launch of EOS blockchain at 1PM UTC time today. Now, the Enterprise Operating system cryptocurrency is all set to go live after $4 Billion dollar ICO launch that lasted a year.

Due to the announcement of preparation that has been spent on this experiment, EOS blockchain has been in talk many a time. But than, on June 9, 2018 all EOS bitcoin miner called “block producers” have agreed to activate the Mainnet tonight.

Moreover, EOS is a distributed PoS blockchain developed by Block.One. The co-founder, Dan Larimer owns leading similar system with Steem and BitShares. The company, Block.One raised $4 billion to develop EOS by providing a year long ICO. Meanwhile, there are several speculations about what direction the company would move, but the voters have made its clear.

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As EOS release date is approaching, a group of organizations rivaling to serve as block producers made connections with each other and formed their own association called EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG). As of now, the group is managing to launch one maninet for EOS.

EOS Mainnet Launch Group explains that ,

“Well over 100 candidate organizations participated in a call that started gathering at 1:00 UTC Saturday and the vote occurred roughly 45 minutes later, as over 1800 people watched. The vote to “Go / No Go” was unanimous or very nearly so; the moderators did not report out a final count. The meeting was streamed on YouTube by EOS GO”.

Further, with those votes, the EOS blockchain group will work to make network live. Thus, the group has already been decided but still they are few step to consider before the launch.

However, in decided order events, 48 hours will be available to test the network. Until there is no such major bugs, EOS holders are allowed to vote a set of block producers. Therefore, EOS goes live once 15% of the tokens have been staked to those votes.

As mentioned, there are already lot of issues involved in the process of activation. Particularly, the designated events will help to eliminate with  the correct procedures that needed to be at right place. So now it’s just that customers have to wait till launch of EOS.

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