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EncrypGen Launches First Genomic Data Marketplace Using Blockchain

The company EncrypGen will now let individuals sell their deidentified data for researching.

EncrypGen is a blockchain-enhancing genomic data platform which launches the world’s first Genomic data marketplace- Gene-Chain!

What is Gene-Chain?

Gene-Chain is the proprietary blockchain by EncrypGen for mediating the search, store, share, buy and sell of genomic data. Basically, it is a private network. Moreover, to participate, one needs to join the Gene-Chain community. Thereby enchanting their security and privacy relating the genetic data on our global network.

According to a statement by the Scientist, EncrypGen is announcing a marketplace to sell the access to their respective genomic and other relating health data. The emerging companies who wish to use blockchain technology for offering individuals the control through which researchers can utilize their data.

EncrypGen takes the initiative to facilitate the sharing of genomic information- Gene-Chain. According to David Koepsell, CEO at EncrypGen says in a statement,

Until now, to buy data that is useful in research and development of new drug therapies and precision medical treatments meant paying whatever prices the big DNA testing companies demand, and without any compensation for people whose data is being sold. He adds that the company’s platform “ensures control and payment for data owners, and creates a new resource for researchers and pharma.

George Church is a geneticist at MIT and Harvard University. He is also a co-founder of Nebula Genomics, which is a competitor of EncrypGen. He mentions that the launch is not the initial genomic data marketplace. The title belongs to Genos, basically a company Church which came into existence in 2016. Moreover, this company does not use blockchain.

DNA data is worth valuable to buyers while accompanying with a health profile. This is the reason, why EncrypGen includes more data secure points within Gene-Chain profiles. Additionally, marketing with their genomic sequencing data via EncrypGen’s platform, clients seem encouraging to feed in a questionnaire with behavioral, health, and other relevant information, the company mentions in its statement.

EncrypGen is trying ad the value info to doctors, scientists, and genomic researchers. Using this information they will have better opportunities to drive in. Now, the researchers will be able to pay access an information database for those users participating in their project.

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