Talk of the Town: eGame’s Listing on Coineal

One of the most talked about recent happenings in the world of blockchain is the listing of revolutionary gaming platform eGame on global crypto trading platform Coineal. The announcement not just symbolizes the rapid growth of eGame, but is also a step towards new initiatives in the segment. 

A Game Apart: eGame and its Gaming Revolution 

The eSports segment has already set out for the stars in the last few years, thanks to better computing power, telecommunication innovations and high-speed internet connectivity. These and other merits have made gaming and streaming over the internet seamless, helping people before, during and after the pandemic to engage in their favourite sports online. 

eGame is adding value and richness to this very segment using the power of blockchain. The platform is helping build amazing gaming experiences that blend together interactions, community and market growth. Simultaneously, eGame is also addressing the pain points of online gaming – poor user interface, lack of customer support, inadequate security and so on. 

The eGame platform uses innovative decentralized Smart Contracts technology to help solve these concerns with transparency. Player compensation in eSports is no longer clouded information. Transaction fees have seen drastic reduction, and so has fraudulent activity. eGame is using blockchain to successfully conduct user-centric online tournaments, betting, fundraising, digital sales and more. 

Getting Listed on Coineal

As if adding another feather to its ornate cap, eGame is getting listed on Coineal. This has certainly opened up multiple new avenues for further expansion and growth of the eSports segment in general and eGame in particular. Its features, including relevant insights, fantasy tournaments and safe betting, are set to catch even more eyes with this listing on one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges. 

Coineal is known worldwide as a reliable crypto trading platform, and has reached this feat in no time at all. Established in 2018, Coineal was started by a group of blockchain geeks who wanted to create a platform that encourages and supports innovative blockchain ventures through investments.

The main aim of Coineal has always been to promote user satisfaction. At the core of its operations is a user-centred mechanism, expanding to product design, operations, marketing and so on. The leading crypto exchange has received recognition and high rankings by CoinMarketGap, CoinGecko and CoinHills, to name a few. 

What makes Coineal stand apart is the platform’s easy-to-use environment, which is both hassle-free yet professional at the same time. Add to that the exchange’s advanced security features, and Coineal manages to stay miles ahead of several older competitors in the game. Today, the digital assets trading platform has over 7 million users spanning 60 countries across the globe, and a daily transaction value surpassing 500 million dollars. 

Charting New Goals and Highs

With more investments, eGame is set to disrupt the eSports fan interaction segment and also leverage blockchain technology in more advanced ways for the growth of its platform as well as the industry. 

This seems not just a step but a giant leap towards sponsorship and growth of up-and-coming players all over the world. In keeping with Coineal’s motto, eGame is in for equal emphasis on localization and globalization in terms of reach and value. 

As it is, the eSports industry is seeing a steep rise in its growth curve. With a market size of a few millions, the segment has a bright future indeed. eGame, with its focus on user-centric technology, is integrating eSports with blockchain. Its native token eGI helps players access multiple features on the platform seamlessly. 

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