Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Adds Bitcoin Cash as a Payment Option

Electronic Frontier Foundation joins many other companies that added Bitcoin Cash as a payment option. Microsoft, Tor and also accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the latest of the many organizations to list Bitcoin Cash as a payment option. The company has been accepting Bitcoin, Credit Card and PayPal donations. Those who want to pay in Bitcoin Cash can head over to the company’s website where the Bitcoin option is listed, although this is the option to still click when you want to donate with Bitcoin Cash.

In other words, there is no separate button for Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin when you open their donation page because they are both categorized under “Bitcoin.” The “Bitcoin” option is down the donation page alongside “Credit Card” and “PayPal” options.

The company accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash though. When you click the Bitcoin option on their donation page and then fill in the required information. After that, you get to a screen titled “Pay with Bitcoin”. At the bottom are the two separate buttons to allow payment with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

However, it is among the many companies that are adding Bitcoin Cash as a payment method. Microsoft also added BCH payment option last week. The company has already been accepting Bitcoin and categorizes both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin on the same word or payment option “Bitcoin” on their website.

Tor also now accepts Bitcoin Cash payments with the same categorization. The confusion is unlikely to be out of lack of knowledge that the two cryptocurrencies are different.

However, it may, for instance, lead to confusion where customers could pay with both cryptocurrencies interchangeably. This happened in a mix-up over BTC and BCH payment options listed by website in early January this year.

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