Eat BCH on Mission to Feed Humanitarian in South Sudan

The application of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology will be enormous if used for the social cause. There is one such charity firm, Eat BCH which aims to feed humanitarian in Venezuela by purchasing food with BCH donations.

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EatBCH focuses on preventing a crippling humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

The charity began in April and started helping people in Venezuela. It emerged as a solution to economic turmoil and a crippling humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. This group is formed by Venezuelans, seeking sort of donations from the global cryptocurrency community. Eventually, people donating BCH has become the key source for “Eat BCH” group to become a “peer-to-peer electronic cash-to-food system. In order to help humanitarians of other regions in the world, the group is focusing on feeding south Sudanese families.

Focusing on South Sudan

As per the reports, the team behind Eat BCH has gathered a total of 16.84 BCH. As their new initiation, people facing hardship at South Sudan, East-Central Africa’s region will be aided with food, good water, and other facilities. Seeing the worst situation of African territory, the EatBCH team decided to feed and help people this week.

As the team began their mission from May 31 in South Sudan, there were 50 people came to eat despite a rainy day.

The economic crisis has put pressure on every family in South Sudan so we are finding our way to help where we can. This is how communities come together!

BCH twitter handle stated that they have served “Adas” or spiced lentils and rice” on June 1. Also, they have seen South Sudanese pound(SSP) grieves from 11000% inflation. On top, if you could just browse the twitter feed of EatBCH, you can find a number of pictures where individuals and families receive food. In every post, you may also see a note of EatBCH as evidence with the date when they are helping them.

What’s your opinion on cryptocurrency using for charity purpose? Do you think the application of blockchain technology to remove poverty in African regions a good idea? Let us know on Twitter and Telegram.

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