How To Get Free Bitcoins: 4 Easy Ways


Bitcoin sure got a lot of attention this year, and we all know the reasons. But since it is not really affordable, many people seek alternatives. 

However, you don’t need to get altcoins to join the game. There are so many options that can give you some satoshis. You just need to have a little patience for them to pile up. 

In this article, we gathered three of the easiest ways to get Bitcoin in a snap of your fingers. 

Go for Gambling!

Well yeah, that’s the quickest way of earning the big rewards. And definitely the most thrilling method. But unlike traditional gambling, crypto comes with a lot of perks ready for blockchain enthusiasts. 

Bitcoin gambling comes with a different approach to players. Instead of just letting them gamble their money, these platforms offer crypto bonuses and free spins at the beginning. The condition is to play the bonus at least 40 times before withdrawing your profit. 

And we’re not talking about small amounts. Betflip, for example, puts on the line no less than 10 BTC. That would be $548,000 at the time of writing.

Seek for Welcome and Referral Bonuses

If you are too afraid the take the risk of gambling, you can go for the limited-time perks offered by crypto trading platforms.

For example, BlockFi offers $250 in BTC as a welcome bonus. And Bybit comes with no less than $1,610 with a referral code. Just keep an eye on them and catch them quickly. 

Get Satoshis From Watching Ads

We are not kidding. If we are already trained by Youtube and Facebook to watch at least 2 ads per video, there’s no harm in watching crypto ads. And this time we’re paid. The ads usually don’t exceed 10 seconds, so there’s nothing to lose here. 

Catch Airdrops 

Did you know that there are crypto companies that reward their users if they help them getting awareness? You can give them likes, comments, shares, or even better, testimonials or reviews. The companies will be more than happy to have someone who helps them grow. 

Now get your favorite and join the crypto bonuses area!

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