How Do You Earn Monthly eFIN Rewards By Staking Token Pay?

Token Pay has created a strong firm base for itself in this crypto space. As it has partnered with Litecoin Foundation as well as created a new DEX: eFIN. This exchange is a major contender as it has key features that other exchanges cannot match.

According to the latest announcement on Medium, eFIN may implement native segwit and atomic swaps. Usually, taking place along with ring signatures, schnorr signatures, scriptless scripts, and tree signatures. eFIN coin appears as bridge coin and mostly applicable across TokenPay network, facilitating transactions and swaps.

One major issue of the DEX is the lack of liquidity. There is a rewards program offering a solution to the ones who stake, store, and trade on this platform through various packages. Currently, the user can sign up as an early adopter, receiving one thousand free eFIN and monthly eFIN rewards from staking Token Pay.

Notably, to receive any monthly staking rewards, all Token Pay staking need to be carried on a Token Pay wallet. Suppose the coins are on the paper wallet, hardware wallet, or on any exchange, the user will not receive any monthly staking eFIN rewards.

Basically, the packages are in three tiers: standard, partner, and platinum. Where the partner and platinum are purchasable accounts. Taking a leap from the standard members to partners is substantial. The partners here receive monthly distribution of shared trading revenue, 60 eFIN for every Token Pay staked, unlimited fee-less trades, airdrops of future coins, and a one hundred percent referral bonus.

A good news for all the platinum members is that they will receive all benefits of partner, along with one million eFIN coins.

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Eligibility Criteria For Staking Rewards

With the increase in staking rewards to one hundred and twenty eFIN per TPAY, one should provide a trade volume of 500 euro monthly. Only then the user will be eligible for staking rewards.  

Distribution Of Rewards

Distribution takes place in the following criteria:

  • Fifty-three percent will be distributed amongst members
  • Twenty percent is reserved as staking rewards
  • Fifteen percent is sent to the team and founders
  • Twelve percent is for Token Pay stakers.

eFIN exchange offers high level security along with providing immense benefit to any investor on this platform. It is also directly beneficial to any Token Pay user. Basically, Token Pay strives to keep crypto decentralized exchange secure for end user. Whereas, eFIN exchange continues the philosophy of attaining an impressive end result.

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