A Dutchman sells his belonging to invest in Bitcoin

Presently, the bitcoin price has experienced a roller coaster ride. As to take benefit from next boom in cryptocurrencies, Dutchman sells his all belongings believing that the digital currency will make him rich.

Didi Taihuttu, 39-year-old, has now moved with his family living on a campsite in the Netherlands. Taihuttu explains that he and his wife decided to sell the house, a motorbike, the care, clothing, shoes as well as children’s toys. His belief that taking a risk makes life more interesting.

The Dutchman believes that there is much to be made from Bitcoin which is pegged to be the currency of the future. The bitcoin and blockchain technology which powers cryptocurrencies, eliminates the process of financial transactions.

He said,

“The Internet was a revolution for information. I think that Blockchain and cryptocurrency are revolutionizing the monetary system,” Taihuttu said. “In five years’ time, everyone will say: ‘We could have seen it coming’. I am responding to this change now”.

While on his family trip, Tiahuttu encountered many people involve with bitcoin. Meanwhile, he claims to have first to become involved with the digital currency in 2010, he says he lacks in experiencing trading.

Initially, Tiahuttu and his friend sets up a business to mint Bitcoin. He realized, how much more he could have made if he would hold onto the coins.

“If I had known then that four years later it would have been 10 times more valuable, then of course I wouldn’t have sold everything. But then I thought: I have to make a profit.”

Finally, after selling their processions they listed their home for 85 bitcoins. Presently, he and his family are embracing the minimalist lifestyle. Moreover, by 2020 he hopes his wealth with bitcoin will be four times more worth.

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