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Dogecoin Price Moons as the Momentum Shifts Back to the Bulls!


    Dogecoin price swings high with a huge influx of trading volume, the second consecutive day

    The DOGE price rally is expected to get a strong bullish momentum to smash the levels close to $1

Dogecoin Price Heading Towards Lost Positions!

The Dogecoin price broke the strong upper resistance levels in the past working day and surged high. The price rose as high as $0.6, however, a slight pullback drove the price back below $0.6 in no time. 

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The trading volume witnessed a massive influx of more than 140% to reach more than $3 billion in the past 24 hours. This may point out towards the arrival of the DOGE bulls to bring back the momentum in favour of them. The DOGE price is however on the track to smash the next target at $0.07 as predicted by analysts, TOP AIM STOCKS.

According to the analyst, the price had a notable breakout from the descending triangle pattern and hence a bull run is imminent. The price is expected to break the upper resistance levels initially at $0.07 and later at the all-time high at $0.08.

Will the Doge Price Ever Reach $1?

Dogecoin in recent times has gained immense popularity by surging massively and unexpectedly. The expanding doge community is itself an indication for the upcoming bull run for the asset. 

Recently, according to a user, The Doge Guru, a DOGE bull has invested nearly $160 million today and as a result, the price spike notably. The price that had a daily close in green continued to accumulate much more green candles since the early working hours.

doge price surge

The dogecoin price currently is experiencing a drop in its price probably due to some weak hand just letting off their holding to the whales. At the time of writing, the price is $0.05799 with a jump of 4.05% in the last 24 hours. 

Currently, the dogecoin price is surging above its consolidation zone and hence a decent uptrend is imminent. However, according to an influencer and trader MC, the DOGE price may smash $1 soon.

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