Tipping On Telegram Is Now Possible As Dogecoin Is Now Added To Parjar Bot


Have you had enough with the instability in Dogecoin price? Here is some relieving news to all the DOGE enthusiasts. The cryptocurrency Dogecoin, has now made tipping much easier with the addition to Parjar Bot. Basically, for its usage on telegram.


Surely this news is going to make the day for most of them. Eventually, tipping with DOGE is much more easier, instant and free as well.


  • Its first feature is comment and tip. Wherein, all you have to do is put up a comment and tip.
  • Secondly the recipient of the tip can withdraw or deposit the tip anytime as they wish.

Dogecoin On Telegram

When it rolled on Telegram, most of the group members loved this addition on the Telegram platform. Basically, this news is an added advantage for Dogecoin. These days, majority of crypto enthusiasts are found enjoying this tipping service. Hence, making it one of the fastest growing market.

However, DOGE hopes to dominate and squeeze the best out of this trending market. Suppose if dogecoin is successful in achieving this goal, then a huge increase in its demand is sure to happen. As it is a fact that, demand increases as the volume of trades increases.

No doubt this increased demand rate will definitely add value to Dogecoin. Eventually creating a crypto stability for DOGE. Also, DOGE can easily maintain and acquire long run.

Parjar Bot Adoption

One great news for Dogecoin is that it is outperforming in the market with a strong rate of adoption and now with the addition of tipping it has hit a huge success. Also, Parjar bot adoption is another added advantage.

As Dogecoin has a good stability rate when compared to others, investors believe that DOGE will strengthen its roots and eventually grow much stronger with time. However, DOGE didn’t lose its track while all other currencies where going through a bad phase.

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At the time of writing, Dogecoin was trading at a price of $0.00205 in the 28th position. DOGE had a marketcap value of $244,490,187 and a circulating supply of 118,752,039,353 DOGE.

How will this addition the Dogecoin Price? Do let us know your views on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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