Dmitry Troitsky files for trademarks on alcoholic beverage products

Dmitry Troitsky, Russian native and entrepreneur has plans on creating a product line of vodka termed on several popular cryptocurrencies. However, Troitsky has filed for trademarks patents in order to develop 3 distinct alcoholic beverage products. Therefore, namely “Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic”.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic Vodka

Dmitry Troitsky plans to set a high-quality vodka like in terms of few popularized cryptocurrencies. He has filed a trademark office to his alcoholic beverage products. Moreover, Troitsky understands that his government has not been very favorable towards cryptocurrencies still there is a different perception by the public.

Troitsky explains,

“I wanted to use the names of cryptocurrencies when issuing my goods in the 33rd class of the international classification of goods and services. And the three names are the most top-notch. I cannot say yet how it will look and when it will be released — but I’m sure that vodka can be useful”.

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Troitsky foresees pleasing associations with cryptocurrency names

Dmitry Troitsky is not only the person to tether the popularity of cryptocurrencies and alcoholic beverages. Reportedly, on last January, Avi Aisenberg, the crypto-proponent, and South Florida Distillery owner create an ‘EthereRum’ product.

His plans regarding vodka line will be a more novel concept. Eventually, as he believes the beverages will gain commercial success.

Troitsky details,

“Try to imagine the situation at the table, and you will understand that the Bitcoin vodka is rather a joke of comic quality. However, with a good amount of legal support and sufficient resources, it will be possible to achieve commercial success. The names of cryptocurrencies can cause people to have pleasant associations with respect to certain goods”.

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