Discussion by Free Talk Live accepting bitcoin cash and radio ads

Recently, chatted with co-host of the Free Talk Live (FTL) Ian Freeman. It is the first radio talk show to start accepting Bitcoin for ads payments globally.

Free Talk Live nationally syndicated talk radio program heard on over 160 radio stations in the United states. As mentioned above it is the first radio show in the world to start accepting Bitcoin for ads payments.

Ian Freeman says,

“We weren’t too sure about it at the time, but we wanted to make our advertiser happy, so we agreed to accept a small portion of his ad buy in bitcoin. Over time, that percentage expanded to 100%”.

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The bitcoin radio ads got initiated while Mark Edge, head sales and co-host, gathers out the details of what to promote and ads were then written and produce. Moreover, it been six years recording ads for bitcoin and also talk live about bitcoin.

Recently, FTL decides to accept bitcoin cash for advertising payments.

“don’t know if bitcoin core is going to continue to stay on top forever and it’s hard to pick a winner with all the competition out there. If an advertiser wants to pay in Bitcoin Cash, we’ll certainly accept it”.

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