DigixDAO Trading Exploded on Binance Exchange – DAO/USD spikes 38%

After a bearish Monday, Another minor growth has occurred as crypto markets retreat from previous losses. It seem that many coins are struggling to gain back the momentum while few altcoins are enjoying the major uptrend.

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Losses are primarily few altcoins as total market capitalization drops back below $180 billion again but remains in its range bound channel.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $5,405.61 with 2% gains. Market is currently being held up by BTC with few coins having commendable growth. DigixDAO is leading altcoin among the Top 100 in terms of gains.

According to coinmarketcap, the DAO coin has increased 38.77% against USD and trading at $35.94 USD. In term of DGD/BTC  and DGD/ETH the price surged up to 34.90% and 36.44%  with trading value 0.00666699 BTC and 0.20945670 ETH respectively .

Currently, the coin has entered in the top 100’s and is ranking in 81st position, holding market cap $71,883,846 USD   with $27,618,772 USD 24 hour volume and 2,000,000 DGD circulating supply.

DigixDAO Traded High on Binance Exchange

On the closure of volume, In the recent months, According to the daily trends record the coin was trading as low as $90,000.On April 22nd the  trade volume spiked to $20 million which is the highest in almost a year. More than 75% of that volume came from the DGD/BTC pair on the most popular exchange, Binance. That was an incredibly shallow pullback.

DigixDAO trading exploded on Binance, as the Malta based exchange processed more DGD trades than the coin had recorded in the past 10 months.

Founded in Singapore in Dec 2014, Digixdao is building a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that specializes in the tokenization of physical assets. The project provides the infrastructure to create tokens.

However,  the reason behind the sudden rise of DGD coin price is not known. There is  such official announcements, launches to refer recently.

Moreover, few weeks ago Digix mainnet was introduced, which could still be driving interest in DGD, which can now be earned by submitting proposals to the Digix community.

Overall, Digixdao makes top 100 on coinmarket cap with only 2million dgd in circulation that is no surprise and it will only get better from here to the moon we go.

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