Digital Trends Shares Hot Technology Trends Topic Of The Day

Greg Nibler and Adrien Warner bring to the citizen the tech news surveyed from the day through its live show “Digital Trends” or recognized as DT live morning show.

These two hosts try picking out the juiciest stories that they discuss on the show “Digital Trends”. They start with the top news of Facebook, following Samsung, Cryptocurrencies, and discussion with Travis Wright and so on.

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Facebook Research Attracts User Details and Web Activity

Firstly announced in Facebook, which is said to be involved in another controversy. Following the TechCrunch report, where it says that Facebook secretly pays people to install its “Facebook Research”. On the background, VPN aka virtual private network allows a company to suck in every user details via phone. Including its web activity.

Moreover, this firm has been attracting 18 – 35-year-olds, retrieving them $20 worth a month via Research app utilization. The report mentions that Facebook has been using an Enterprise system of Apple. This intentionally circulates the applications within the employees of a certain company.

As this result in violating the Enterprise development policies prepared by Apple, therefore, the company decides to prohibit the research app of Facebook. This was a firm that has been already facing the majority of privacy PR crises recently. Also, this occurs just after one at the office.

Samsung Plans To Offer Chip Based Smartphone Of 1TB Storage

Considering the minor invasive news, Samsung announces its brand new smartphone chip operating with a whopping worth 1TB of storage. The company is focusing on its product quality where its phone cameras are getting better, offering higher quality photos, videos along with more storage space. However, Samsung hasn’t revealed as how many phones will possess this new chip and what will be its cost, although the price seems likely steep.

Axolotl Will Provide Its Healing Ability

This Mexican salamander holds somewhat a remarkable capability to regenerate and heal even lost limbs. The team of scientists of Research Institute of Molecular Pathology working at Vienna sequences an entire genome of the axolotl, leading to a better understanding about its healing abilities. Moreover, this might help researchers apply its specific ability to humans in the coming future.

Travis Wright Talks About Crypto And The Current Market Condition

Greg also had a discussion with Travis Wright related to other things, who is also one of the Bad Crypto podcast hosts. We all are aware of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin to behave frighteningly volatile, especially in 2018.  However, the adoption rate still seems to be improving as merchants are more showing their interest than before, as per Wright. He adds:

In 2014, it was about 15 million dollars a day being traded in crypto … Then the next year it [tripled] to 45 million, then the next year it [quintupled] to 200 million, and then it [increased] to 2 billion in 2017, and then last year it was, on average, about $15 billion a day. And now, who knows how much it’s going to be per day in 2019, but it’s looking, still, around $15-20 billion a day is being traded in crypto.

He continues to say about the figures that now, how much regarding this is fraudulent volume onto various exchanges which is still not available.  However, considering the number of wallets acquired by a different organization over time shows a number of all-time highs. The market keeps on growing.

Cryptocurrencies are just only the one part of the story. The other is Blockchain, which is now the technology on which cryptocurrencies are available. Mainly this is a subject of much more fascination relating a variety of sectors.

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