Decentralized Capital Launched First Ever Australia’s Crypto Vault

Australia’s first ever crypto vault is launched by blockchain investment company, Decentralized Capital in partnership with Custodian Vaults.

Yes you got it right!!!! Here something seems to be great news for crypto users in Australia who were looking for security for their crypt assets. The Decentralized Capital, a blockchain investment company has announced the launch of crypto vault in partnership with Custodian vaults, subsidiary of the Pallion group.

The founder and director of Decentralized Capital, Stephen Moss believes that the crypto vault to take over evolving market of Australia for crypto assets storage solutions. Therefore it is an agreement that bitcoin is a bona fide long term asset.

Crypto Vault- Cold Storage

Following the recent hacks at major crypto exchanges that resulted in losses millions of dollars due to which there is an increasing interest in cold storage. Thus, it allows the companies to store the assets offline protecting it from hackers.

The representative of the company said in a recent interview;

“This is a solution for the next phase of the industry and it gives real security.. You can’t hack your way into the safe.. In my opinion, Bitcoin will not be remembers as the bubble, but the pin. While the short-term future of Bitcoins may be debatable, the Blockchain and its benefits are not”.

Cold Storage is operating by a large number of crypto holders using USB drives to store crypto wallets. Thus, those remain as a susceptible to hackers whenever they are connect to internet.

Moreover, the service is focusing on high profiles net worth individuals, crypto exchanges, institutional investors and ICOs issuers offering them cold storage. Also, provides an in house private WiFi room to permit safe inward and outward crypto transfers.

Recently, a bitcoin wallet Xapo announced to offer its digital wallet and offline vault service to the New York users. The Xapo is initially headquartered in San-Francisco, California which has now moves its base of operations to Zug known as ‘Crypto Valley’.

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