Davincij15 Bitcoin Predictor Presents A New Crypto Rating System

Davincij15 is a craving trader and investor prospering in cryptocurrency as well as metal sector. He recently, posts a document revealing a new crypto rating system.

This new system is purposefully created for fundamental analysis. The influencer Davincij15 in 2011 came to news from his viral video.

Within that video, he explains the advantages and value proposition of Bitcoin as a means to store value and e-money. Moreover, he outlines the striking growth Bitcoin will prove in the coming years.

Interestingly, while Davinci15 made this specific video on Bitcoin, it was worth $9.57. However, His recent document analysis contains three sections:

  1. A general classification regarding cryptocurrency with a group of four tiers.
  2. To create a system giving a score to every cryptocurrency, add | subtract point depending on their characteristics.
  3. This section offers a successful crypto trading

This tier system performs particular metrics which lets analyst identify every situation regarding their investment into cryptos.

First Tier:

  • A cryptocurrency should be from top 25 as per the market capitalization which excludes stablecoins.
  • It must not belong to a centralized category (with a limitless number of nodes over a network or the nodes amount can increase with time).
  • Lastly, it should consist of popular marketing and promotion behind it.

The influencer places Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and DASH in this particular group.

Second Tier:

  • Lots of cryptocurrencies are stepping up having strong developer support and community. However, they lack in some other areas.
  • The project seems interesting, however, distinct enough from Bitcoin to take a stance on its own.
  • Those specific coins should get listing on 5+ exchanges along with operating end user wallets.

Davinci15 states that “Majority of 2nd tier coins will be copies of Bitcoin”. However, other cryptocurrencies like EOS can also be considered into this section.

Third Tier:

  • The coins falling in this section might have a developer community even if nothing is in process.
  • This category can count cryptos having a little or no roadmap.
  • Also, altcoins that drop below $10 million as per the market capitalization.

He places Dogecoin within this section.

Fourth Tier:

  • It will contain broken, dead chains or fading coins which has no development team operating on it.
  • Moreover, it has no significant code changes over a period of a year and very little community support.
  • Lastly, if the crypto project has a market capitalization value for barely $1 million.

Davincij15 says that Maxcoin counts in this category.

He explains that this document is yet incomplete and points out to have many more rectifications in the near future. Davincij15 calls out for respective communities to analyze and determine the text and send any suggestions if any to improve this new system. Moreover, this, in turn, will surely reap fruits for the whole community.

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