DADA to host first digital art marketplace using blockchain technology, collaborative platform for artists, announces to introduce the first digital art marketplace using blockchain technology.

The launch of the marketplace’s first digital collection titled “Creeps &Weirdos” will be introduced at the Halloween, which will feature 100 unusual, Halloween-themed, limited-edition drawings designed by the artists from all over the world.

The unique collections will only be available along with the Ethereum cryptocurrency and each work will be associates to one of five levels of scarcity, ranging from common to extremely rare drawings.

The launch will take place on 31st of October with a great party in the New York City.

The potential to purchase an original piece of digital artwork with Ethereum cryptocurrency might appear like a gimmick at first, but the evolution of technology is innovative for the digital art world.

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Up to date, the digital art world has been evaluate separately from regular traditional fashion “physical” art in that it was impractical to defend authenticity and fully credit artists.

For instance, an authenticated piece of the Mona Lisa is worth of billion dollars, but you can purchase a duplicate copy of it with affordable price in any museum gift shop. The matter for the digital art world has been to proceeds the analogy that every copy of the Mona Lisa is appreciates the same regardless of originality.

Hence, Blockchain desires to alter everything and implements the principles. Therefore, guided the valuation of physical art to the digital art world.

Before blockchain, it was futile for a buyer of digital art to purchase an authentic piece of art. Since it is for the artists to be properly compensates for their real artwork.

Gratefully, Blockchain has made possible for artists and buyers to obtain ownership, authenticity and examine. Since, that the digital artwork they introduce is original and legit.

Blockchain simplifies by issuing IP certificates and proof of ownership across a decentralized, secure and consistent network.

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However, users are allowes to capture screenshots of digital art sold via blockchain. Founder of DADA, Beatriz Ramos describes that the value holds with the exclusive token. Therefore, “capturing screenshots will be similar to collecting a photocopy of a dollar bill.”

The blockchain technology is closely associates with cryptocurrencies. Earlier, when blockchain was initial introduce, it was accomplishing with the intention of making cryptocurrency transactions more secure.

Since the blockchain technology has revolutionized for digital industries with artwork only being one of them.

This Halloween, when DADA introduce the Creeps $ Weirdos collection. It should present as the latest landmark for digital artwork as a whole. Boriz Z. Simunich, Carlos Marquez, and Beatriz Ramos are the popular featured artists. Since, who have been active users of the DADA platform have impress with some of their recent art pieces.

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