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Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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Jul 5, 2021


Meet the CYCE crypto asset – a new token on the ETHEREUM Blockchain infrastructure, created with ERC-20 standards. CYCE is the first crypto brand and product of Crypto Carbon Energy Inc. registered in Turkey.

The purpose of its creation is to solve GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, which is the biggest problem of our world, as well as to transfer its sustainable and positive environmental impact to the next generations in a healthy way.

How will CYCE come up with a solution for global warming by means of Blockchain?

Since the issue of Global Climate Change concerns all the people of the world, CYCE is aiming to put an end to the use of fossil fuels by making renewable energy more valuable through the medium of a platform of which the rules are pre-determined by the Blockchain technology and that cannot be changed.

This platform is a supra-state and uncensored (and fast, in that sense) one, which anyone can access at any given moment.

What is the YES System?

YES” is the abbreviation of Renewable Energy Power Plant in Turkish (Yenilenebilir Enerji Santrali). However, as CYCE, we prefer to adopt its own meaning in English because we say YES to renewable energy and NO to energy generation from fossil fuels.

CYCE YES License

Once a certain Renewable Energy Power Plant completes its registration through any of our communication channels, the system automatically creates a CYCE YES LICENSE for them. This license can be checked up on our website.

Moreover, licensed facilities will continuously and livingly be published on our website under the YES MEMBERS tab.

The main cause of the climate change, the factor having the biggest share in creating greenhouse effect on the atmosphere, is energy generation. Despite all the measures taken, energy generation from fossil fuels accounts for 84.3% of total production.

Which Power Plants are YES?

All power plants except fossil fuel and nuclear ones producing energy by using renewable energy sources. These power plants are:

  • HEPP (Hydroelectric Power Plants)
  • WPP (Wind Power Plants)
  • SPP (Solar Power Plants)
  • BPP (Biomass Power Plants)
  • GPP (Geothermal Power Plants)
  • Wave – Tidal Power Plants

How Will Renewable Energy Power Plants Increase in Value?

The fundamental ground of this project is to costlessly deposit as many CYCE assets as calculated according to the list hereinafter into the power plant’s account as a reward in exchange for 1 kW of installed power, indexed to the installed power capacity of carbon-neutral, renewable energy power plants.

The 6-stage VALUATION TABLE determines the reward scale for the plant in question. According to this chart, the amount of CYCE to be transferred is determined by multiplying the total installed power amount with the VALUATION FACTOR (kW).

The determination method is created based on the amount of carbon or heat that the plant evolves to nature.

How is the CYCE Token Economy?

CYCE plans to award 80% of the total tokens to facilities that produce energy from existing renewable sources and from the ones expected to be created in the upcoming 30 years and to increase these facilities in value. Thus, it aims for energy investments to be rapidly converted towards this direction

It plans to contribute to the acceleration of the process by establishing BIOMASS ENERGY POWER PLANTS, which are considered as renewable energy sources and whose carbon emission is neutral, through the token sale proceeds with the remaining 20%, provided that they are not used in their own companies.

In addition, within the scope of the same project, it plans to start the cultivation of C4 energy crops (plants that reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by binding four carbons during photosynthesis), which is one of the solutions for the same problem and to provide fuel for the biomass plants by these means.

What are CYCE Investments?

The core team of CYCE is experienced in the energy sector and software development. The collected investments will also create resources for two separate projects to find solutions to this same issue.

  1. C4 Energy Crops Cultivation Project
  2. Biomass Power Plants Investment Project

Another project that can provide a solution for global warming is growing C4 energy crops to be used as fuel in biomass power plants.

C4 plants are an adequate alternative to fossil fuels as they reduce the carbon emission and hence, are the right choice for the continuation of this project with reasonable cost rates.

In biomass power plants, raw materials can be produced by animal wastes, plant wastes and all human wastes. When we look at the human population globally, these power plants can offer a solution to climate change with proper waste management.

The inability of countries worldwide to be efficiently organized in these matters leads to the release of organic waste equivalent to millions of tons of fossil fuels to nature without being put to good use.

We are planning to establish biomass power plants as the most suitable solution for the special electricity needs that may occur in the coming years due to their compactness in terms of application.

We will provide continuous information through our communication channels about the processes and details of the projects for the production of C4 energy crops and the establishment of biomass power plants.

Does CYCE Have a Solution to Mining Electricity Consumption?

Another important issue is the increase in the need for energy for “mining” services, mainly due to the rise in Blockchain technology’s use in 2021.

In terms of its sources, the increase in carbon emission has been one of the main agenda items of many countries. That’s because this service is provided in the facilities where energy is produced mainly from fossil fuels. In China and Iran, a ban has been imposed on this service due to the increased energy consumption.

In the light of these developments, as a solution to this problem, CYCE continues to prepare its own CYCE BLOCKCHAIN network, which will operate with 100% renewable energy, which includes many differentiated new features. Our solution method is also aiming to reduce carbon emissions.

How to Buy CYCE?

Private Sale process ended on 28.05.2021. On 28.06.2021, the ICO (first sale) process was initiated through stock exchanges and our website. Regarding the ICO, an initial agreement has been made with an exchange, and the negotiation process with other platforms is about to be completed.

We are planning to finish the ICO process on 10.08.2021. On 13.08.2021, we will be listed on domestic and foreign exchanges whose stock market processes have been completed.

You can follow the procurement process on our official website You can also follow all the developments about the project on social media.

Does It Offer Customer Support?

CYCE offers its users a comfortable purchase and use opportunity through constant live support on the website and the support of a dynamic team using WhatsApp Support, Telegram Support Group ,and by mail.

What Wallets Does It Support?

Since CYCE is prepared with ERC-20 standards on the Ethereum Blockchain network, it can be stored in all wallets that support ERC-20, especially MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

Where Can I Follow the Developments?

CYCE publishes all communication channels on

What is the total investment received to date?

By opening the Private Sale page as of 28.05.2021, CYCE made a total of 5.000.000 Dollars of sales and collected investments until the ICO start date of 28.06.2021.

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Sara K

Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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