Cumberland University Will Provide Blockchain Technology Degree

During the summer, now universities allow students to participate in the Master of Science at Global Business over Blockchain Technology aka MS-Blockchain program.

According to the Chair of the Hutton School of Business, Lois McWhorter states:


The technical definition is that it is a distributive ledger technology. What that simply means is it is a way a tracking any type of an item or any type of a transaction. Whether that is a car title or that produces that Wal-Mart is shipping out to all of their stores.

On the other hand, the officials at school mention about his new program initiative to reduce the gap between I.T. and business sector. Moreover, LinkedIn notes that blockchain technology has been the number one emerging job as analyzed in 2018.

Also, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Christopher Leskiw notes:

The university was recognized as a center for academic excellence by the Department of Homeland Security. This degree is very much in keeping with that.

Meanwhile, the officials seem really excited to participate in the innovation of blockchain technology. They believe to drive in prosperity and bring this facility to their students.

Cumberland University is one amongst the cutting edge sector that is constantly seeking for degrees which will flexibly employee people. They desire to make people more employable at any state anywhere whatever they do, states McWhorter.

The classes offered by the colleges and the universities will now be open for every student that they can register and begin classes this summer. The courses are available in-seat and online as well.

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