Cryptocurrency Researchers Diar Now Covering Ethereum and Stablecoins

An industry leading cryptocurrency research groups, Diar announced that it is expanding its coverage of digital assets to include the Ethereum ecosystem and stablecoins such as Tether and Gemini Dollar.

Diar Research Group to cover more Cryptocurrencies

Just after launching recently, the Diar cryptocurrency journal has become one of the most valued resources in the digital asset space. The platform offers weekly newsletters providing extensive coverage Bitcoin, institutional interests on cryptocurrencies, and an assortment of cryptocurrency trading platforms.

The research group has emerged as a reference point for some other major cryptocurrency publication platforms. Diar announced recently that it is expanding its coverage to include Ethereum, stablecoins, blockchain lending, global markets and other related specific areas of the crypto and blockchain space. The announcement was made by Diar founder Fadi Aboualfa and editor-in-chief via a post in the publications weekly newsletter yesterday. The post stated that,

As of today, Diar Data looks at Bitcoin, Institutional Investments and Select exchanges. We will be updating and adding more every week and will soon also cover Ethereum, Global Markets, Stablecoins, and Blockchain Lending. More is certainly to come in this ever-evolving industry.

Diar cryptocurrency journal initiates just over a year ago in late October 2017. According to its founder, the platform was designed to become a benchmark resource for a long-term perspective on digital currencies. Fadi Aboualfa revealed that Diar will continue covering the same type of topics as before with additional content of the Ethereum and some Stablecoins.

Unbiased Content creators and Publications Healthy for the Crypto Industry

As an industry that can be significantly affected by speculations, the cryptocurrency industry years for unbiased coverage of news stories and trends. Diar believes it would impact more than just the digital asset investment space in the unbiased publications within the space. Reports indicate that major major publications houses within the industry cite the content from Diar.

Diar invested extensively in cryptocurrency researches producing a wide range of stories ranging from bitcoin wallets to bitcoin trading. As a matter of public importance, Diar specifically expended more resources in researching and covering the issues surrounding controversial Bitcoin trading tool USDT (U.S. Dollar Tether)

The expansion of this research platform expects to significantly impact the quality of coverage in the digital asset space. Many publications houses would benefit more from the additional content produced by Diar. Some of the partners Diar is working with directly include Coin API, Nomics, Blockchain, Blockchair, and CoinMetrics. Moreover, these platforms are the major data contributors to the Diar.

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