South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb to Compensate Users

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in South Korea – Bithumb to Compensate Users following the hacking. It has asserts that will recompense its customers whose accounts were compromise during an attack on its data systems.

The data has been spread by the system from an unidentified employee of the company. According to Yonhap report, a regional news service, there are up to 30000 users who were affected by the data leak.

Global crypto market status

According to statics, Bithumb is the one of the top ten Bitcoin exchanges worldwide in regards of volume.  The entire Bitcoin market id accounted for 3% of Bithumb’s Bitcoin transactions. Meanwhile, in Ethereum market has been captured around 13.5% of exchange.

Reimbursement to affected users

Conferring from recent blog, it was said by the exchange that each exaggerated client will be paid 100,000 Korean Won that equals to around USD 8.50.

Due the leakage of data for those customers who had lost their funds, the company declares to provide additional compensation.  However, the firm has not provided an exact figure on the total loss sustained. And also the numbers of users were afflicted.

In the meantime, local customer, says that he has been lost 10 million (USD 8700) Won from his/her account.

Bithumb supports: “In addition, for the members who suffer additional damage due to this incident, we will compensate the entire amount of damages in a responsible manner”.

June 2017, it was first reported to local authorities about the occurrence of account thievery and outflow of data.

There was an initial probe on the case by Security Agency and Korea internet. The Korean communications commission has also contributes in the initial exploration, says an unidentified official.

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