Cryptocurrency exchange Binance Launches Education Hub, Binance Academy

What will the public benefit from Binance Academy?

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has successfully launched the Binance Academy Beta (v0.1). Binance academy beta (v0.1) is designed to be a hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency education.

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The announcement said that the platform is an open access learning hub. It further stated that the launch of the hub is aimed at providing a one-stop shop for crypto and blockchain learning resources. This hub is open to anyone and will hopefully be for the benefit of blockchain enthusiast.

Users of Binance Academy can currently access topics like coins & tokens, Binance, the blockchain, security, and trading. In addition, Binance pledged to continually update topics on the hub weekly. However, the project has been created to mirror a community, where feedbacks and submissions are accepted.

What will the public benefit from Binance Academy?

Binance is an ecosystem powered by blockchain technology which comprises labs, exchange, launch pads, and information. Created by a team of Fintech and crypto experts, Binance exchange is known as one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Moreover, the platform is working relentlessly at making cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology easy to understand and implement. Its focus on speed and security has attracted interest from cryptocurrency experts and enthusiasts

Binance believes that established experts in the fast-rising blockchain technology need to invest in the dissemination of educational material to the public. This will result in the unraveling of many misconceptions surrounding crypto-related investments and blockchain. Accordingly, the Binance academy is seen as a platform to connect experts of this niche to newbies.

The academy has been created in a way that is conducive for people with little or no experience in blockchain technology.  With so much information being processed every day, there is a need for experts in, 2D animation, global digital marketing, and content writing.

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