Crypto Valley Publishes An Analysis Report On Top 50 Blockchain Companies in Switzerland

World Economic Forum presenting the second day of hosting at Davos, Switzerland, there were the majority of panelists that came together discussing the future of blockchain tech and cryptocurrency.

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    Jan 25, 2019


    The most anticipating reports are revealed at the forum regarding the top 50 quarterly performing blockchain firms in Crypto Valley at Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Moreover, this report will present before you the details of the promising companies within the crypto valley area for the first half of the year, by an investment firm CV VC together with PwC Strategy and inacta.

    The impressive part of information of this report shows a 20% growth within the blockchain field in Q1 of the year. The statistic is also analyzed with regarding the extended crypto bear market which was the worst period.

    Meanwhile, Daniel Diemers who is the Blockchain Leader at Middle East Asia and Europe country in PwC Strategy. He discusses the advantages of partnering with CV VC. He also states his views on the blockchain industry growth within the country.

    Crypto Valley has grown enormously in just three short years. Even two or three years ago, there were just 10 to 15 companies in the blockchain industry.

    Q1 Report Highlights:

    New Entries

    There are 15 new companies that are entering the list from the last quarter, specifically

    1. TokenPay Swiss
    2. Santiment
    3. 4ARTechnologies
    4. Boscoin
    5. HDAC
    6. ICON
    7. Mt Pelerin
    8. Nexo
    9. ODEM
    10. Quant Network
    11. Saga
    12. Sygnum
    13. Utopiamusic
    14. WPP Energy
    15. Zulu

    The Managing Partner at inacta as well as the Founder at CV VC, Ralf Glabischnig mentions:

    In addition to the growing number of startups we observe increased activities of corporates entering the blockchain space with their own projects or startup investments.

    Four Unicorns

    There were four startups which come within this quarter considered as unicorns. This term means that these companies are worth above $1 billion.

    1. Ethereum
    2. Bitmain
    3. Dfinity
    4. Cardano
    The List of Challengers

    The report also list down the promising firms that possess comparatively good chance to get included within the next quarterly top 50 report.

    1. Ambrpay
    2. Arca Trust
    3. Blockimmo
    4. Cosmos Network
    5. Datum
    6. Friendz
    7. Grain
    8. Metaco
    9. Orion Vault
    10. Pigzbe
    11. PikcioChain
    12. Qiibee
    13. Request Network
    14. Taurus Group
    15. UTRUST

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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