Crypto Spring Is About To Come by 2020- Billionaire Zhao Dong

Zhao Dong is a Chinese Crypto billionaire who believes in crypto spring to come by 2020. He shares his opinion via WeChat, a public chat messenger regarding the crypto spring.

Zhao Dong currently holds a potential stake in Bitfinex Hong Kong operating a digital exchange. He recently shares his opinion in a discussion with the chat entitling “The Public Chain Alliance Crossing the Bulls and Bears Elite Team.”

While replying about the BTC future, Zhao Dong recalls its popularity and peak seen in December 2017. However, as compared, currently no one even gives an ear to Bitcoin. He mentions about this coin to surely grab attention again by hitting its rate thousands of dollars once again.

Hence, a majority of the entrepreneur’s opinion says bear market to be the best time for purchasing Bitcoin. Zhao also adds 2019 is a year which will show low crypto prices. However, the industry continually needs to embrace itself waiting for the next coming months of crypto winter.

Crypto Spring Is About To Come by 2020- Billionaire Zhao Dong

According to his understanding, various firms will vanish during this specific period, however, resulting in newcomer ups that will inevitably make 2019 the best as well as the worst phase for entrepreneurs, traders, and investors.

Considering the long-term sessional, Zhao Dong mentions in chat about the crypto spring too soon coming by 2020. Also, the crypto summer is not seen to arrive until 2021. Industry uses the term crypto winter to define the prolonging bear market which came into existence after bitcoin to hit its historical peak worth over $20,000 in December 2017. Zhao Dong is one amongst the core player who predicts the crypto market recovery.

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