Crypto News Roundup – Crypto Exchanges, Indian Crypto Ecosystem, Alt Season 2020 and More


Crypto News Roundup in brief

  • Major crypto exchanges including Coinbase, Kraken, Binance made top bulletins with important announcements and updates. 
  • India, one of the emerging crypto markets also witnessed good moves which indicates a better crypto environment in the country.
  • Female crypto influencers get blocked from Instagram.
  • Bitcoin still holds at $9200 whereas crypto traders naming current market sentiments as altcoin season 2020.

Crypto News Roundup July 11

Coinbase becomes the first exchange to consider IPO

One of the leading crypto exchanges, Coinbase has initialised its plan for a stock market listing early this year. The listing would need ‘a green signal’ from the US watchdog, Securities, and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, the company has not yet registered its intention to go public with SEC but as per some reports, Coinbase is in talks to hire investment banks and law firms.

Kraken Adds MVB Bank as New Banking Option for US Users

Yet another cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, announced its collaboration with MVB Bank to fund the purchases of cryptocurrency with US dollars. The minimum deposit and withdrawal would be $20 while the maximum limits depend on the user’s account level on Kraken.

India’s TCS launches Crypto trading Solutions

India has witnessed a roller coaster ride when it comes to regulating cryptocurrencies. A speculated environment is piled up within the country when recently the government just moved a step further in this process. 

In a recent development, major multinational tech-firm TCS launched a crypto trading solution for banks and financial institutions. The service is led by TCS’s blockchain-based incubated startup ‘Quartz’. The service will aid financial institutions to handle the cryptocurrency activities with ease. 

The crypto exchanges too had approached the RBI to seek clarity on banking services, for which RBI clearly stated that exchanges have not been forbidden from any banking services. And now, when tech firms have moved a step further, then we can expect a good sign from the Indian regulators.

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Female Crypto Influencers Raises Concern over Instagram 

The female crypto influencers who spoke on gender inequality in the blockchain space have been banned from accessing their Instagram accounts. As per some reports, one of the ladies, Siegal is commonly known as Crypto Finally, said that she received backlash from the crypto community following a video she posted on twitter regarding gender disparity.

Apparently, Crypto Finally and the other two girls were the female influencers nominated for Binance’s influencer award.  

“I received an extreme amount of backlash from the crypto community for making this video. People started viewing me as an angry feminist.”, said Crypto Finally. 

The other two women whose accounts were blocked on Instagram are Thompson (girlgonecrypto) and Lagos(techwithcatalina). Eryka Gemma, CEO of the Bitcoin Center in Miami is another woman influencer who recently did a live stream with Siegal. She also got her Instagram account blocked.

Traders shout out for ‘Altcoin Season 2020’

Various altcoins have also attracted many traders and they believe that now it’s time for Altcoin Season 2020. The recent dump in the Bitcoin price has quietly moved traders to look out for other promising altcoins such as Ethereum(ETH), Dogecoin(DOGE), Cardano(ADA), Binance Coin (BNB) and many more.  

While the market looks drier, crypto companies and analysts are betting high on the macro picture of the market. For instance, bitcoin proponent Max Keiser criticized altcoins and government subsidy buffs in comparison to Bitcoin. That being said, he had also raised his official target for Bitcoin’s price from $100K to $400K. 

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So readers, what’s your stake on the next move in Bitcoin’s price? Do you think the crowning cryptocurrency will cross the high mark of $10K next week or will traders continue to be bullish on alt season? Let us know via Twitter 

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