2019 Is The Year For Crypto Mass Adoption- Changpeng Zhao

The crypto market has had its ups and downs this year, but it is also important we acknowledge the positives achievements the market acquired during the year.


There were several innovations and developments are basically to boost crypto adoption. Companies like Ripple and Tron Foundation have put in a lot of effort to bring the crypto-currency closer to the people. Crypto exchanges have also been relentless on their part.


Changpeng Zhao, the founder and CEO of Binance said: “these efforts will trickle down to bring good tidings in 2019”.

Speaking from his perspective, 2019 will be the year crypto finally achieve true mass adoption. One of the major crypto exchanges in the world is Binance. This puts the exchange in the spotlight. Majorly due to the part it plays in the overall advancement of the crypto market system.

Changpeng Zhao Opinion

Zhao speaking during an interview said that the company is still working on making the exchange better and covering the entire range of the industry. He went on to add that Binance already has something cooking with respect to carrying out that plan.

2019 Is The Year For Crypto Mass Adoption- Changpeng Zhao

The traditional market might have overtaken by the likes of crypto exchanges. However, in Zhao’s opinion, it will significantly contribute to moving the market forward. The fact that exchanges are at the summit increases future prospects, adding that crypto exchanges have the capacity to set up the future of the ecosystem.

Changpeng Zhao also spoke out on the current crypto downtrend, and similar to major players in the market he was bullish. He generally praised and expressed satisfaction with the market performance during the year, adding that 2018 is basically a building year. He said that this challenging phase will help to groom and equip the market for a promising future.

It seems like the bearish period had a positive effect on binance. It would have been difficult to handle the inflated trading volume the bearish market would have carried along. With respect to the future, he expects a foreign inflow of funds. Especially from the US, despite Europe experiencing a faster rate of crypto adoption.

Binance is still a very ambitious company. Although, Zhao didn’t unveil all their plans he gave some hint into the direction they are headed. He mentions the company focus on short-term goals. A situation where Binance will be a verb i.e. when people want to operate on Binance, they will want to “Binance it”.

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