Research Says Crypto Markets To Stay Optimistic Throughout 2019

Back in 2018, we have seen the cryptocurrency sector growing right from a baby into a toddler. However, moving towards 2019, the crypto market looks eager for large investor input

While the cryptocurrency graphs fluctuate parabolic during the closure of 2017, a crypto market crisis was inevitable. Despite the crashing situation, industry experts seem to be optimistic, having own reasons behind 2019 to become brighter for a future of the crypto industry.

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Looking ahead to the New Year, there are many prominent figures about crypto and blockchain markets conversing to the media. They have their own predictions and thoughts regarding the coming year. One amongst them is Henri Arslanian at Hong Kong and PwC China telling Bloomberg about his prediction for 2019.

According to him, a greater number of institutional investors and banks will enter the crypto realm in 2019. Arslanian believes that some firms will join new partnerships with ongoing crypto companies. While other industrial organization will unveil to launch their products and cryptocurrency promoting their services. Moreover, he is anticipating many other investments in the sector. One such example cites are Goldman Circle.

Asiff Hirji Predicts About 2019


The Coinbase CEO, Asiff Hirji also told CNBC that 2019 seems to continue being a good year especially for institutions within a crypto sector. Hirji also says that clean transparent regularity is the basic need, basically in the US.

He predicts, in the US, waters are full of mud by complex signals from the SEC authorities. However, larger investors will enjoy the top layer of comfort with transparent better defining regulation.

It is now necessary for crypto and blockchain projects to endure and survive the battle. The data specifies that there are around 2,000 worth crypto assets in comparison to 640 in January 2017.

Arslanian also spoke about stablecoins, saying there will emerge many of these in 2019. Moreover, it with carrying forward the security tokens by tradeable assets including real estate | commodities.

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